We need to comprehend the fact that it is the responsibility of every single citizen to speak up against the corruption. Without knowledge it is impossible to embark on this revolutionary project since knowledge of corruption is the root cause of undertaking measures to fight the crime. Without having information of the fraudulent mal practices, the initiative to sweep away crime cannot be made possible. Therefore, we stand together as a nation against the corruption, contributing collectively by sharing our experiences associated with the corruption. An environment that sensitizes public to react against corruption, encourage to participate in capacity building activities and knowledge sharing to with the sole purpose of eroding corruption.

The viability of our struggle will be highly dependent on the contributions of our citizens otherwise it will bring about unfavorable circumstances to excel in our mission. In short, ‘If you cooperate we can battle it’. Our target is to detect corruption in collaboration with the citizens of Pakistan to take further actions on it. We cover all institutions including but not restricted to government ministries, education, employment, and civil matters lifting the veil of undercover corruption, demanding accountability without any reliance on any governmental and non-governmental institute but rather take the burden on our shoulders in the urge to plummet corruption.

It has been an intensifying suffering for Pakistani citizens by the superior bodies since Pakistan came into being and we should not accept this barbarity anymore. The consequences of corruption are widespread as it slower economic growth by increasing costs and lower productivity. Local and international investors also become reluctant to participate in the country due to the fear of potential loss. With having a negative impact on the position of economic cycle, the distribution of income remains in the limited hands of those involved in illegal activities, fraud and corruption.

Unfair allocation of resources is also a part of corruption whereby governments choose to grant money to rich people thus making rich richer and poor poorer. Furthermore, there is no enforcement on the incomes generated by corporates regarding tax implications and a substantial amount of country economy suffers through this illegal practice. It affects the entire system of wealth in the country and results in an unstable state of country’s economy impacting the lives of all of us. Second, it has also created an environment and people have mind set of undertaking works with an inclusion of corruption to some extent. Pakistan is at its worst form due to the manifestation of corruption in every field. We urge you to embark on this resolution to defeat corruption and fulfill your part of obligation to witness a fair system for yourselves and for your future generations.