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Nearly $2 Billion Fraud In India Continue Undetected for 6 Years

In February, state-run lender PNB disclosed exposure to a loss of just less than $1.8 billion due to fraudulent loan guarantees given to famous jeweler Nirav Modi and companies related to his uncle Mehul Choksi

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How Organization Incentive Programs can Lead to Fraud

Every organization uses incentive programs. Some organizations’ incentive programs can have positive outcomes and others only have moderate outcomes, but both can lead to fraud. So what causes one program to result in fraud while another does not?

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Exit Interviews: An Overlooked Tool in the Anti-Fraud Toolbox

Many organizations conduct exit interviews as a matter of company policy. Far fewer use these interviews as a formal element of their anti-fraud programs, leaving them vulnerable to missing candid and crucial information about ethical issues and blind spots, and even the warning signs of potential or existing fraud

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A ticking time bomb?

“Rat” and “snitch” are among the terms Thesaurus.com offers as synonyms for “whistleblower.” The other 13 are just as negative; not even one is neutral, much less positive. It’s the kind of uniform disapproval you’d expect in synonyms for “villain.”

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Missed Warnings: $2 Billion Indian Bank Fraud

It was there, past the loan desk and up a flight of stairs, that federal police say Shetty hatched India’s largest-ever bank fraud, which the bank values at nearly $2 billion and says was engineered between 2011 and 2017.

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Math Teacher on Trial for $478 Million Tax Scam

An ex-math teacher turned Marseilles piano-bar manager who claimed links to Corsica’s underworld allegedly spearheaded a 385 million-euro ($478 million) tax scam and spent part of the proceeds on Beverly Hills real estate.

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